Monday, September 21, 2009

Personal Essay ideas

Writing the personal essay can be extremely easy or extremely strenuous. I'm juggling two ideas in my head: one idea, my favorite part of the summer, my job at a theatre. The other idea is the one band who's music has changed my life and the day I finally saw them in concert. I have a few other ideas roaming around the inner workings of my imagination.....So anyone out there reading this.....Help!


  1. Seeing your favorite band live has got to be one of the greatest experiences life has to offer. I'm sure you could write pages upon pages on that experence, from the day you bought the tickets to when you went to bed the night of the show.

  2. In my experience most all writing is strenuous!! (though I did have *one* personal essay that just seemed to flow--not sure how good it is, though...) As for your ideas, I think either one could work fine! A theater seems to me a colorful setting, maybe with interesting characters?? The band one seems promising too, though I'd think not just about the details of the concert experience but work at expanding yr notion that their music changed your life (so that you'd write not just about the concert but how yr life was before and after yr exposure to the band). Just a few thoughts...